Council for Child Abuse Prevention

The San Fernando Valley Council for Child Abuse Prevention was founded in 1977. The Council is an interagency and community council dedicated to facilitating communication and problem solving in dealing with child abuse and neglect.

Impact DesignHub was hired to create a public service campaign that promotes positive awareness on child abuse prevention within families. A poster campaign was developed through tag-lines, copy and photography: promoting positive child- adult relationships. Versions of the campaign were translated in Spanish and English and were used in other products.

The the following characters were placed in each poster.  Each photo and description promote the idea to take time to be with your child.  

The slogan was, “Take One Moment: Create a ________.”

CAP Final_Characters.jpg

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The previous logo design was ineffective and difficult to use in various visual communication products.  The DesignHub team decided to proposed a new redesigned of the logo.  A new logo was chosen and then revised. Then the logo was applied to stationery, website, brochures and t-shirts.  A final logo guideline document was created for the council.


For further information on Impact DesignHub or if you are a nonprofit looking to work with us, please contact Dr. Paula DiMarco, |

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