North Valley Caring Services

North Valley Caring Services began serving North Hills, CA over 35 years ago. Originally organized as a breakfast kitchen for the area’s homeless population, NVCS serves all disadvantaged residents via its Breakfast Program and Food Pantry. From its humble beginnings as a soup kitchen, the agency has grown to offer an array of programs that help individuals and families succeed in life. NVCS provides a comprehensive Family Literacy Program including Adult ESL Courses, Early Childhood Education, and Parenting Classes; a Youth Program and a Supportive Services.


Impact DesignHub utilized design-thinking strategies, like empathy mapping, for understanding the community and defining the problem statement before moving forward with design solutions.

The team also conducted interviews and recorded the comments from several volunteers. NVCS has used those interviews and footage for grants and donor events.

New Identity

After spending time with the NVCS community and speaking to several volunteers and community members, the team created a “Visual Communication Assessment” to determine the  organization’s  strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. They presented their findings to the NVCS director and some of her board members.

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After a discussion with her board, the director chose a logo with some alterations.


This logo above is the final logo.  The design team used the The purple arch as a consistent element and applied it to the icons for the various programs.


The identity guidelines, seen below, were created and presented at the final meeting with the director of North Valley Caring Services. These guidelines have served as a valuable document for when NVCS creates t-shirts, banners, social media posts, and other promotional items without the help of Impact DesignHub.

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For further information on Impact DesignHub or if you are a nonprofit looking to work with us, please contact Dr. Paula DiMarco, |

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