San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission

San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission is located just south on the California State University, Northridge campus; they are in our neighborhood. The Social Impact Designhub team walked to the facility for the first initial meeting and tour of their new Home Again community house; which was unfinished at the time of the meeting. Since the mission was having an opening in the spring 2016, they wanted to also unveil a new website.

At the first meeting the design team broke down all the potential users of the website to get a better idea of the user interface.

This navigation map shows the original website’s navigation. The teams was able to see how many levels and how much information was deep in the original site. (Click on the image to open the PDF of the navigation to see more in detail).
Above you will see the original website for the mission. The site not only had so much imbedded information in the site, which users could not find, the color palette did not feel welcoming and was not aligned with the color of the logo mark.

New Proposal

The Social Impact DesignHub team spent countless hours strategizing and working with the Mission to develop some possible solutions.





About San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission

The San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that provides services to help vulnerable men, women and children move towards self sufficiency. We provide basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and hygiene supplies as well as case management, life skills classes and counseling. We focus on outcomes: Stable housing, gainful employment, critical life skills, enhanced education and engagement with a healthy community.



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