Los Angeles Police Activity League

LA’s Topanga PALs (Police Activity League)  gives disadvantaged youth (ages 7 to 17) the opportunity to participate in self-enhancement activities (recreational activities, athletic activities, and field trips). By partnering with the Boys and Girls Club, Topanga PAL has developed a “club within a club.” Topanga PAL develops its own activities in which children choose to participate. The activities are supervised by a police officer.

The Police Activity League (PAL) is a youth crime prevention program that relies on
educational, athletic, and other recreational activities to cement a bond between police officers and the youth in our community. It is based on the conviction that young people – if they are reached early enough — can develop strong, positive attitudes toward police officers and the law. The PAL Program promotes trust and understanding between young people and police officers by bringing youth under the supervision and constructive influence of dedicated law enforcement professionals.


Social Impact DesignHub designers collaborated with the Topanga Community Relations Office and the officers from the Topanga Police Department, Canoga Park, CA.  Through a method of understanding, Empathy Mapping, discussions with community leaders, and ideation techniques, DesignHub student designers provided a new logo and promotional materials (Brochure, Posters, and Flyers).

DesignHub presented several design ideas for a new logo and after several discussions agreed on a combination of 2 design ideas.  Below is the final design solution.



The LAPD Topanga met with Impact DesignHub designers to collaborate on promotional materials for the PALs program. A brochure and information flyers were created to promote the various activities and programs available for kids in the community.

For further information on Impact DesignHub or if you are a nonprofit looking to work with us, please contact Dr. Paula DiMarco, paula.j.dimarco@csun.edu. |

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