LAFD Emergency Preparedness Guide

The Los Angeles Fire Department, Emergency Preparedness Division partnered with Impact DesignHub designers to create the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Guide. Started in Spring 2017 and completed in Spring 2019, 10,000 copies were printed for distribution to Los Angeles residents and businesses. Student designers conducted primary and secondary research with the design thinking paradigm for the construction, organization and design of this very essential document.

01-LAFD-DesignHub-Cover& Spreads-6x9.png

Check out this presentation to view the goals and direction of the project:

(Click on the first image to see the slides larger)

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In this slide presentation, you will see the team of designers working together to refining the material for the Emergency Preparedness Guide.

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(This page is still under construction.  Please check back for more details about this project.)

For further information on Impact DesignHub or if you are a nonprofit looking to work with us, please contact Dr. Paula DiMarco, |

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