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Social Impact DesignHub is a campus based co-operative course/studio where student designers work individually and with teams on conceptualizing and designing with nonprofit clients from the Los Angeles community. Designers are challenged to expand their comprehension of design problem solving for new audiences and explore various roles as professional designers when executing socially-minded work. Design teams use design methodologies for visual communication: identifying problems, design research, ideation, and implementation. Social Impact DesignHub is a place where design has a purpose.

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Social Impact DesignHub is located in the Art & Design Center on the California State University, Northridge campus. Because DesignHub is non-profit, they only work with non-profits. Because students run all studio projects, the process and completion of all projects are over a semester (15 weeks) timeline.  Applications for pro-bono work are accepted twice a year:

For fall semester, applications due by July 25.
For Spring semester, applications due by December 1.
Summers are used as sabbatical time where designers are exploring techniques and strategies about design.

If you are a nonprofit and need assistance in branding, promotion, webdesign, exhibition design, book design, or public art, please contact faculty advisor, Dr. Paula DiMarco, paula.j.dimarco@csun.edu.


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Dr. Paula DiMarco, paula.j.dimarco@csun.edu


Faculty advisor